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Guest Praises For The Nadia Sahari Show

“THE NADIA SAHARI SHOW’S are really done well and with such honesty, it’s a pleasure to listen and to hear stories from all of the great guests you have on the show. I enjoy hearing all the things they share with us, keep up the good work, I listen to your shows all of the time…”
Annette Tucker, Songwriter

“A good interview is all about asking the right questions… thank you, Nadia for asking questions I knew the answers to… beautiful and smart… a great combination!”
James Lowe, Singer, Electric Prunes

“I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on, The Nadia Sahari Show. She asked thoughtful questions which gave me the opportunity to express my point of view as an artist. I’m asking all of my fans to listen to my show and interview because Nadia opened the door to the real me.”
Ricky Rebel, Billboard Top 40 Recording Artist

“My interview with Nadia…WOW! I enjoyed it so much! it was amazing. Nadia and I have been friends for a long time and I’ve had her on my program Precious Promises with ‘David and Wendy Lynn Adams. She has a lot to offer, she loves helping people. I love her dearly…”
Wendy Lynn Adams, Singer, Songwriter

“Nadia, it was a pleasure to appear on your show! You made me feel so comfortable in talking about my movie project, and you did a great job of guiding me through the information a general audience would want to know while keeping it fun and interesting. I’m very grateful for your interviewing skill – you made it a delight!”
Michael Adrian, Writer, Filmmaker, Producer

“I enjoyed very much being interviewed on your show. I thought it was very professional, and you have a way of making your guest feel very much at ease. I thought the entire show was very well done and enjoyed listening to it.”
Aaron Kaplan, Composer, Pianist

“Nadia Sahari, my dear Friend, I want to thank you for your kindness and the quality of your interview in the “Nadia Sahari show”. I wish you to say how much I loved your show! You are a wonderful person! I want to emphasize that it has been an honor for me. You contributed to my very first experience as a French guest on your radio show in the USA. And by the same token, you have given a chance to the French touch! Thank you! Rock On! ஜ ♪.*.★*¨*•.¸¸”
Ellyot Radburn, Singer, Composer

“It was great being on Nadia Sahari’s show. It’s lovely to converse with a woman who is so open, respectful and full of light and energy. I felt like I was talking to my good friend. I highly recommend her show and all those that she has interviewed. Her mission to help people discover their dreams and live them is true to my heart. Thank you so much Nadia.“
Denise Wiesner, Acupuncture, Author

“Nadia’s show is fun. Her experience as a talk show host was really apparent. I have done a lot of these shows, it was nice to work with such professionalism.”
Robert Lunte, Master Vocal Coach, Author, Singer

“Enjoyed doing the show with Nadia. Rock n roll has a voice on this podcast platform! Looking forward to playing some live boogie on the next interview!”
Steve Cooke, Singer

“The Nadia Sahari Show is a delight as the host, Nadia Sahari, is upbeat and full of energy and excitement. She asks the right questions to convey the message her guest brings to her show and keeps the pace at an interesting level. What a fun experience and a great way to get your message or serviced out to the world. Thanks, Nadia!”
Denise Cassino, Publicist, Book Marketing Specialist

“Nadia Sahari, I love your questions, your enthusiasm and how much you enjoy what you do. I have so much respect and adoration for you. Continue doing what you love. You’re amazing!”
Carlo Mendez, Actor

“WOW Nadia.. What an incredible treat it was to be on your show. You are a true pro. Thank you for inviting me. Please let me come on again sometime. God bless.. Sincerely Todd”
Todd Herendeen, Singer, Songwriter

“I would like to thank Nadia once again for the opportunity to share my thoughts and experience as a professional actor from childhood to adult as well as giving a few pointers for newcomers entering this profession.”
Pamela Weaver, Actress

“I had the chance and honor to be interviewed by Nadia. Her knowledge in asking smart and interesting questions to the artist is remarkable. Her peaceful voice makes you feel comfortable. I enjoyed our talking. Looking forward to the next one. You Rock Nadia!”
Alex Cole, Musician, Singer

“Inspiration, Motivation, Education!”

“You can live your dream”

“It is by choice and not by chances that we change our circumstances.” Nadia Sahari believes this with all her heart. She is living it and you can too! Never give up!

Nadia Sahari was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and raised in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Her life revolved around music, dance, and the arts. From the age of ten, she dreamed of being an actress and singer. Her creativity and music became an escape from the horrors of the world that sometimes befell her. She used all this to become a successful entrepreneur, creating and owning several businesses, writing books, hosting her radio show, and living her dream of being an actress. She appeared in movies, TV episodes, and Talk Shows and a lot of press and Red Carpets.

Today, Nadia Sahari is a world-renowned author. Her memoir “Breakaway: The Road To Freedom” hit the top 100 on Amazon and is now in its second printing. She has it adapted to a screenplay to have it filmed for the big screen. “The Bully Cat” was written by Ms. Sahari for children against bullying and not keeping silent. Her Kindle book “Be Your Own Boss” written to help those who want to start their own business of any kind, anywhere.

Nadia Sahari was a guest on many talk shows, including Oprah’s TV show as a guest panelist, three times. She loves her radio show, and her guests love being interviewed by her and have given her 5-STAR ratings and reviews. The Nadia Sahari Show created and produced by Nadia has been playing all over the world since 2010. Her guests are celebrities, actors, authors, entrepreneurs, etc. She invites guests to share their stories of success to help all the dreamers like herself, learn, get inspired, and get encouragement to keep going for the dream and not to give up. “It is by choice and not by chances that we change our circumstances.”

Welcome to my books!

Each book is honest, truthful, and inspirational! For Inspiration and hope against abuse of many kinds, read BREAKAWAY. Need to help children understand bullying and to speak up to an adult and get help, that would be a fun read surrounded by a true story of one cat bully, read THE BULLY CAT to your children. During the bad times of finding work beginning in 2008, I was inspired to write BE YOUR OWN BOSS to help those who were out of work and to aid in helping them become Entrepreneurs.

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Music and Lyrics by Songwriter Annette Tucker. Produced and Created by Nadia Sahari and Venus Moon Records.

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